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Contact Needling for Needle Phobia

Contact needling is a method of acupressure that uses a needle only on the surface of the skin, without puncturing, to activate acupuncture points. It is stronger than acupressure massage, but gentler than acupuncture. This makes it great for people who are afraid of or sensitive to needles, kids, and sensitive areas.

Sometimes a regular, single use acupuncture needle is used for this, and sometimes teishin or shonishin -types of high quality reusable metal implements specific to this purpose- are used. A teishin is illustrated in the photo to the right. As you can see it is much thicker than a regular acupuncture needle since it is used only on the surface of the skin. This allows it to gently stimulate the point without feeling sharp or uncomfortable. Various types of shonishin are illustrated in the photo below. These many shapes are most often used for working with kids who are too young to have regular acupuncture.

This method is perfect to use on sensitive points, such as fingers, toes, and the face. It is great for clearing a “foggy head” (like when you feel a cold coming on or you’re exhausted or studying too much). Using contact needling on the face and head for this feels great and can help you pay closer attention at school or work and prevent afternoon fatigue!

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