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Herbs for Transitioning: Masculinizing Herbs

This is a follow-up post to “The Basics.” Also see the feminizing herbs post here.

Hormones and surgery can be expensive or not accessible. Herbs can also be used if you don’t want to use hormones or undergo surgery, but still want to create physical changes in your body, or after being on synthetic hormones for many years to maintain the changes that you have made without the side effects of continued synthetic hormone use. Note: Most are unlikely to have a significant effect without any other transition methods.

Vitex: The Regulating Herb

Vitex is a hormone normalizer that works with the pituitary gland to keep progesterone stable and prevent  it from converting to estrogen or testosterone. This helps to hold secondary sex characteristics that have developed with synthetic hormones. Technically, it increases LH and reduces FSH, which increases progesterone and reduces estrogen and testosterone. This helps it regulate emotions, prevent acne, hormonal edema and bloating, and it can help you transition onto and off of synthetic hormones, as well as stabilize fluctuations in hormones while taking hormones.

These herbs can be used instead of synthetic hormones:

(Ex. to create small changes if hormones are not desired, or after years of taking hormones to maintain changes.)

  • Example combination: pine pollen, ashwaganda, Lu Rong
  • ashwaganda- steroidal precursor to T… and an adaptogen that helps build your immune system!
  • Yohimbe– promotes and supports testosterone levels
  • ginseng/Ren Shen- “yang tonic” in TCM, yang is both the masculine energy in TCM (ex. Ren Shen is sometimes used for impotence), and the energy needed to create change (ex. transition). DO NOT take while on testosterone.
  • sassafrass
  • pine nuts & pine pollen- closest approximation to human androgens
  • wild oats
  • Lu Rong/young deer antler- contains deer testosterone
  • blue cohosh- to stop periods, often taken with black cohosh. ONLY take this herb under supervision of a professional herbalist, it can be dangerous or cause opposite of desired effects if used incorrectly.
  • Blends:
  • Foods:

These herbs can help support synthetic hormones:

(DO NOT combine these with your medications without discussing with a healthcare provider.)

  • buplerum/Chai Hu- for emotional stability
  • stinging nettle– decreases “bound” testosterone and increases “free” or usable testosterone. also provides lymphatic and immune support.
  • white button mushroom- prevents testosterone conversion to estrogen
  • prickly ash- smoothes and eases voice transformation

For side effects of synthetic herbs:

(DO NOT combine these with your medications without discussing with a healthcare provider.)

  • He Shou Wu- for hair growth, prevents male-pattern baldness
  • saw palmetto- prevents male-pattern baldness, especially when combined with 10-30mg zinc daily
  • B5- to prevent acne
  • marshmallow- for constipation
  • motherwort/Yi Mu Cao
  • kavakava, california poppy, skullcap/Huang Qin, lemon balm, aralia or damiana- for emotional imbalances20120518000921188_0001
  • bitters- for digestive symptoms
  • echinacea
  • yarrow
  • turmeric/Jiang Huang
  • nettle
  • dandelion/Pu Gong Ying, milk thistle/Shui Fei Ji-for liver damage
  • garlic/Da Suan- for high cholesterol & blood pressure
  • red root, cleavers, and ocotillo- for lymphatic drainage – to prevent reproductive cancers
  • hawthorne berry/Shan Zha can help prevent cardiovascular problems (which can occur with long-term T use), but can react with pharmaceutical heart medicines and shouldn’t be combined with them.

DON’T combine synthetic hormones with St. John’s wort/Guan Ye Lian Qiao, it stresses the liver. It also encourages bleeding, so avoid before SURGERY too!

References include:

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