Prism Integrative Acupuncture Mission:

  • To provide a cutting-edge integration of modern Western and classical Chinese diagnosis, via intuitive acupuncture and herbal treatments tailored to help you achieve your personal wellness goals and improve your quality of life.
  • To create a safe, inclusive healing environment where you can access the healthcare you deserve, free of discrimination and judgement.
  • To make you an active participant in the healing process by forming a one-of-a-kind holistic care plan that supports your unique journey towards self-realization, empowerment, and wellness.

The story behind the name:

I created Prism Integrative Acupuncture to fulfill a community need for transgender-inclusive, integrative hormone care. I focus in transgender wellness, but also in fertility, menopause, and other hormone-related issues. So, in thinking of a name, I wanted something that was at once clearly LGBTQ inclusive, but not exclusive to everyone else.

I like ‘Prism’ because it not only brings up a visual of a rainbow, and thus flags queer inclusive, but it also implies multifaceted-ness. One stream of light through a prism can create an entire rainbow.

I like this image both in reference to identity as a prism, but also to healing as a prism; a multifaceted, integrative process. I don’t just do acupuncture in my practice. I also prescribe herbs, discuss nutrition and lifestyle, supplements, interpret lab results, and confer with a patient’s western providers. Holistic medicine to me is not natural medicine only, it is integrative, it incorporates everything that can help a person so you can get the most well-rounded and effective care possible.



My story:

I’ve been passionate about herbal medicine for as long as I can remember; likely the result of being raised by a botanist with a deep love of plants. This passion sparked my interest in the holistic health field and was enough to get me interested in starting AIMC Berkeley’s rigorous 4-year Master of Science acupuncture program, where I could study not only the herbs I love but also acupuncture and so many other amazing healing modalities. Through the clinical program at AIMC Berkeley, I interned at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and San Francisco’s Homeless Prenatal Program, as well as at AIMC’s school clinic, which allowed me to practice acupuncture in a variety of environments and with a broad spectrum of patients.

I went into the program with the intention of focusing in LGBTQ medicine, and this continues to be a driving focus of my practice, in addition to my specialty in hormone regulation. I love guiding patients through times of hormonal upheaval, allowing them to stay grounded despite the emotional turmoil that often accompanies times of illness. My favorite part of my job is watching people regain ownership of their healing process, reconnect with their bodies, and make positive changes in their lives.

In addition to maintaining a private practice, I am also a guest lecturer at AIMC Berkeley, teaching students about supporting transgender health and creating an LGBTQ-friendly practice, as part of their Masters curriculum. In my spare time, you can find me hiking or camping with my partner and our dogs.


“First Steps Towards Making Your Clinic Trans-Inclusive,” California Journal of Oriental Medicine


Proud Business Project, Studio XIII

“As a lesbian with transgender and gender non-conforming loved ones, my personal connection to queer and lesbian communities has, and continues, to guide the focus of my practice. This has been especially important for me as a cisgender person focusing on working with trans folks. I can’t know from personal experience how best to serve that community, so I have to remain open to suggestions and criticism in order to be an effective provider”. -Katrina, in Studio XIII interview


“I just had one of the best medical experiences of my adult life… with Katrina.” -Luke B.

“My million trivial but life-interfering-with medical problems, especially migraines, taken seriously and resulted in actual diagnosis and actual treatment plan… non-scary, trans-friendly, skilled and interested in helping. Katrina’s needles didn’t even hurt–and the treatment was much more relaxing and friendly than my visits in the past to …Acupuncture.” -Luke B.

“I can be completely open with her when I am getting a treatment. She understands what I’m trying to tell her when I discuss my symptoms because she is passionate and informed about trans health.She has great bed side manner, great skills and calming energy. Also she has really helped create a safe space and I appreciate that more than anything.” -Carlos H.

“Katrina’s treatment style is lovely. She had a non-judgmental way of asking detailed health related questions and receiving the answers. I felt like I was comfortable being honest with her. The actual needle part of the acupuncture treatment was not painful and the cupping felt great!  My body felt so relaxed after seeing her and I will be back monthly.” -Sandy B.

“I was an acupuncture skeptic, but after a serious sprain, went to Prism to try to speed up my healing. Katrina was thoughtful and sensitive to my nervousness as an acupuncture newby, and really took my needs into account as she started treatment. After several treatments, my ankle is feeling much better – I’ll definitely be back!” -M.B.

“Receiving treatment from Katrina Hanson was amazing! Her friendly confidence was very comforting to me as a patient who had never experienced acupuncture before. The application of the needles was painless and, with the help of Katrina’s calm, collected air, I was able to relax into the treatment… As a transgendered man, […Katrina] impressed me with […her] competence in providing healthcare to a trans patient… I have often dealt with discomfort and anxiety from healthcare workers around my body and gender, and it was a pleasure to find that this was not the case.” -Miguel S.

“Had the most AMAZING first session with Katrina this week! Will be recommending her to EVERYONE!” -Kaye L.