Prism Integrative Acupuncture in the Press


“I just had one of the best medical experiences of my adult life… with Katrina.” -Luke B.

“My million trivial but life-interfering-with medical problems, especially migraines, taken seriously and resulted in actual diagnosis and actual treatment plan… (All the more notable for the fact that a week ago I was at my regular Medi-Cal clinic where they basically threw some prescription meds at me with the shrugging apology that they probably wouldn’t help anyway.) Katrina and her team were so non-scary, trans-friendly, skilled and interested in helping. Katrina’s needles didn’t even hurt–and the treatment was much more relaxing and friendly than my visits in the past to …Acupuncture. So excited for the possibility of life with fewer (or no??) headaches. I can’t even imagine.” -Luke B.

“I can be completely open with her when I am getting a treatment. She understands what I’m trying to tell her when I discuss my symptoms because she is passionate and informed about trans health.She has great bed side manner, great skills and calming energy. Also she has really helped create a safe space and I appreciate that more than anything.” -Carlos H.

“Receiving treatment from Katrina Hanson was amazing! Her friendly confidence was very comforting to me as a patient who had never experienced acupuncture before. The application of the needles was painless and, with the help of Katrina’s calm, collected air, I was able to relax into the treatment. Afterward I felt refreshed and my stress level dropped significantly. Katrina also prescribed a lotion to help with my knee pain and the pain has not returned for the last few days. I also don’t feel nearly as stressed out at work!… As a transgendered man, […Katrina] impressed me with […her] competence in providing healthcare to a trans patient. The intake forms I was asked to fill included a box to indicate my transgendered status. This was only the second time I’d encountered this in a medical setting, and it made me feel especially welcome and understood as a patient. I have often dealt with discomfort and anxiety from healthcare workers around my body and gender, and it was a pleasure to find that this was not the case.” -Miguel S.

“I had a great acupuncture treatment from Katrina last week and got an awesome formula today from the same hands. I call them ‘ka-treatments.'” – Ra A.

“Thank you for making your bathrooms all-gender and for creating a brochure about transgender care! As a queer patient I feel supported by these visual signs of welcoming… Thank you to Katrina for your leadership!” -Talya H.

“Had the most AMAZING first session with Katrina this week! Will be recommending her to EVERYONE!” -Kaye L.


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