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Hair Brilliance with Chinese Medicine

Join me for this wonderful class, in collaboration with Berkeley Community Acupuncture. We will make a hair growth serum together in class, which you will get to take home and use, you will also receive a BCA’s Glow Tea for hair and skin! $40 At Berkeley Community Acupuncture, 2880 Sacramento St, Berkeley, CA. Sign up!

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Herbs as Transition Alternative for Trans Kids and Teens

Growing up is always eventful and often tumultuous. For trans and gender non-conforming kids and teens, the stress and chaos can be magnified. Many studies have shown the importance of allowing trans kids to express their identities; it greatly reduces their suicide risk and imroves their lifetime mental and physical health. However, it can be … Continue reading

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Acupuncture and Herbs for Reproductive Health and Fertility

Western treatments for reproductive health can often be frustrating and come with a lot of side effects. Acupuncture and herbs provide support to these western treatments to reduce side effects and improve success, as well as an alternative to more invasive western treatments. We happily work with MDs, fertility specialists, and other types of providers … Continue reading

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The Three-Part Recipe for Natural Transitioning

What does natural transition mean? In contrast to using prescription hormones and/or surgeries, natural transition usually involves some combination of social transition, presentation transition, herbs, acupuncture, and/or nutrition. Herbs: Herbs are a desired alternative to HRT for many people who wish to experience only mild changes, rather than the more drastic effects of prescription hormones. Herbs … Continue reading

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Prism Integrative Acupuncture featured in Studio XIII

Proud Business Project--Prism Integrative Acupuncture From June 18, 2017 Website and Social Media: instagram: @prismclinic                             twitter: prismacupunctur Tell me about your business: Prism Integrative Acupuncture offers holistic hormone support for all of life's transitions: teens and puberty, fertility and reproduction (especially for … Continue reading

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20+ Ways Acupuncture Supports Transgender Wellness

Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture have thousands of years of experience in dealing with hot flashes, low libido, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, menstrual spotting, and hair loss, among other symptoms. Many of these treatments can be applied to transgender care, to complement hormone therapy during transition. Additionally, acupuncture has been shown to greatly reduce recovery time … Continue reading

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Menopause and Beyond

Menopause, 'manopause', and mid-life transitions can be beautiful, world-opening times in our lives when we discover new pieces of ourselves and become more at peace in our bodies. They can also sometimes be uncomfortable, tumultuous, and stressful. Just like hormonal fluctuations during puberty, shifting hormones during menopause are a major cause of this stress and … Continue reading

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Plum Blossom for Hair Loss

Plum blossom therapy is a great alternative to prescription finasteride (which can come with unwanted side effects) and toxic creams and over the counter medications. I love plum blossom therapy, it's gentle and effective for hair loss. It involves using a tiny hammer with light pressure just until slight redness appears. This stimulates circulation to the … Continue reading