Nationwide Trans-Friendly Medical Providers:

WPATH Provider Directory GLMA’s Provider Directory and transgender health resources Diversity Center Directory Trans Health Directory Judgement Free Healthcare Provider Directory Directory for LGBTQ older adults Search for a provider near you on Rad Remedy New York Area Trans Friendly Provider Directory Seattle LGBT Provider Directory Seattle, WA LGBT Clinic Seattle, WA Transgender Care Clinic…

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Gender Affirming Surgeons

Dr. Tuan Nguyen –   Lake Oswego, OR Dr. Gary Alter– Beverly Hills, CA and New York, NY Dr. Christine McGinn New Hope, PA Dr. Curtis Craine– Greenbrae, CA Dr Richard Tholen –  Minneapolis, MN Dr. Melissa Johnson –  Springfield, MA Dr. Jeffery Moorehouse – Dr. Peter Raphael – Plano…

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For Providers & Students

  Educate yourself about working with trans patients: For acupuncturists working with trans patients Gender 101 video by trans professionals has great information on this topic, and even more information and forums are available if you become a member ($65/year). Gender 101 for acupuncturists and NDs Other gender 101 resources: Tranarchism, GLAAD, HRC, UUA,…

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Gender Diversity Trainings

Learn how to make your clinic or company a trans-inclusive space! Learn more about working with trans clients! You may mix and match a training from the following options: If you have little to no experience with gender as a concept or working with trans clients: Gender 101 Intensive (2 hours) Gender as a basic concept, basic vocabulary, and…

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Mental health resources

AGLP, APA Body Positivity: Thin Privilege Dances with Fat FAT!SO? by Marilyn Wann Lessons from the Fat-O-Sphere by Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon, PhD size inclusive yoga videos:

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Navigating Insurance

LGBT guide to choosing health insurance Need Health Insurance? What do I need to know about Obamacare? More information from Transgender Equality. Why should getting covered matter to the LGBTQ community? More here. What if I have a preexisting medical condition, like HIV/AIDS? What if I’m trans? How can I find an LGBTQ friendly provider…

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