I provide trainings for clinics and other spaces. Learn how to make your clinic or company a trans-inclusive space! Learn more about working with trans clients! You may mix and match a training from the following options:

  • If you have little to no experience with gender as a concept or working with trans clients:
    • Gender 101 Intensive (2 hours)
      • Gender as a basic concept, basic vocabulary, and intro to pronouns.
    • Working with Trans Patients 101 (1-3 hours)
      • Making your clinic a trans-inclusive space, introduction to western standards of care for transition, how to take a gender-inclusive history, red flags and contraindications during transition.
  • If you have an understanding of gender and pronouns and want to improve your care of trans clients:
    • Gender 201 (1-2 hours)
      • Review of the basics; advanced vocabulary and concepts.
    • Working with Trans Patients 201 (1-4 hours)
      • Advertising your clinic as a trans-inclusive space, forms, laws, insurance, advanced transgender and GNC specific clinical knowledge, advanced gender-inclusive history taking, red flags and contraindications during transition.

Rates are negotiable based on clinic/company size, non-profit status, community served, and travel costs.

Other trainings for providers:

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